BRAWLEY, CA – Hyperlight Energy was honored to hold the Ribbon Cutting on its commercial-ready product, Hylux™, at Southern California Gas Company’s (SoCalGas) unveiling event today. After years of prototype development and testing supported by SoCalGas, the California Energy Commission, and the United States Department of Energy SunShot™ program, Hylux™ has advanced to commercial readiness. Using an innovative configuration of long-life extruded plastic support structures and low-cost flat mirror glass, Hylux™ cuts the cost of concentrated solar power (CSP) dramatically. Targeting process heat applications such as food processing and enhanced oil recovery, CSP has huge potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that other technologies cannot address. “Hyperlight Energy is excited for Hylux™ to be part of SoCalGas’s groundbreaking portfolio of emerging technologies and we’re ready to go to scale now,” said John King, Hyperlight Energy CEO.

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